Everything You Need to Know About February Updates of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 caters to a wide range of corporate office professionals, students, teachers, professors, researchers, marketers, and various other players of the global industry. It offers all the basic Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc., and other useful tools such as Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Access, Sway, and Publisher.

It is basically a portal of cloud-powered productivity tools, which also facilitates collaboration between the professionals, and the users working remotely.

The significant advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 are-power to access files anytime anywhere, cloud-based storage and security, enhanced communication and collaboration, unwavering and basic expense, data security, preemptive updates, centralized collaboration, etc.

However, since it is a subscription-based model of productivity tools, it does offer updates every month irrespective of your consent. Another model, i.e., Microsoft Office 2019, is an ownership-based Microsoft package that does not update all the applications every single month. However, the number of applications that come under Microsoft Office 2019 is far less than Microsoft 365. The former will only provide you with a security upgrade and no new characteristics.

The interesting thing about Microsoft Office 365 is the fact that though sometimes updates can hamper your work, a user who is subscribed to Office 365 will be eligible to avail all the latest AI-powered sophisticated features invented by Microsoft, which almost comes out every month. Microsoft Office 365 has recently added real-time co-authoring and an AI-feature in PowerPoint to its list of services, which makes the work of the user much more collaborative and attractive. 

If you want to know more about which product one should use, log on to http://www.sherweb.com/blog/microsoft-365/microsoft-365-vs-office-2019/, to be informed about the comparison in detail.

Now, let us focus on the updates which have arrived or are going to arrive in the month of February of this year.

February Updates-Microsoft Office 365

In the updates offered by Microsoft to its users of Office 365, the company has noted few pre-planned service changes. Let us know about it.

An update has been issued in the weekly wiki blog of office 365. All the updates are in accordance with the service changes already pre-planned by Microsoft sometime back. You can view the updates using this link: https://wiki.office365weekly.blog/update-log-2021. Kindly read all the information provided in the Microsoft Office update log of 2021.

However, you should note the following points.

1) All the security alterations and upgrades might be unknown to your service environment or tenant.

2) If you have read the updates from a source other than that of Microsoft, and you find that the information provided there is in contrast with the official website of Microsoft, remember to always follow what the official website says.

If you are not happy with any of the Microsoft changes, applications, or products, Microsoft invites you to suggest some alterations by writing an email to Microsoft (Recipient address-contact@office365weekly.blog).

The updates issued by Microsoft at the official weekly wiki blog website are as follow-

1) Alterations in the Search Operation in SharePoint Online. It has been effective since February 1st, 2021.

2)Configuration Modification in the “Guest” user access applicable for Microsoft Teams. It has been made effective from February 8th, 2021.

3) Microsoft Team PowerShell. You will no longer need Skype for Business Online Connector; instead, you can opt to use Microsoft Team PowerShell.

4)Simple Way to Sign in to your Outlook mail on mobile phones. You may now simply use a QR code to sign in to your Microsoft Outlook account.

5) You may now check your sent and received mails inside the Reports dashboard available in the “Security&Compliance” Center.

6) An upgrade to Yammer User Management.

7) Termination of Exchange online support for AD RMS.


It has been recommended thousands of times by cyber experts that we should always update our software and devices because hackers are always looking for a way to breach the security system. And, when they figure it out, companies like Microsoft offers updates to counter their movement.

However, updates are also necessary to enjoy the latest technologically advanced features and AI-powered functions, which not only makes your job easier but also makes your work appear more attractive. This entry was posted in News and tagged Microsoft Office 365. Bookmark the permalink.


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