Top 7 Antivirus Tools of the Year 2021

Nowadays, information security has become as vital as locking the door every time you step out of the house.

And antivirus is the first shield against cyber threats. So, let us talk about the antiviruses that are performing spectacularly well in the current year.

A recent survey has insinuated the fact that almost 2/3rd of American internet users have fallen prey to hackers. And, as stated by Webroot representative Greg Luebke, a part of the problem lies in the absence of the user’s vigilance. When buying an antivirus, it is imperative that we are looking not only at its price and features but also at its effectiveness. How effective is your tool against harmful cyber viruses such as Trojans?

It is essential that we take our time in deciding which antivirus tool we have to use. Choosing the right antivirus is almost half the job done in securing your system against web threats.

Now, Investopedia has recently conducted an official investigation on at least 20 antiviruses and has published a report on their website. You can check it out by visiting their

The brief descriptions of Investopedia’s investigative result are as follows-

Top 7 Antiviruses of 2021

1) Best Antivirus in the Overall Category: Bitdefender: The antivirus was first launched in the year 2001, and its current headquarters is based in Bucharest, Romania. The business of the company has grown significantly over the past few years and comprises over 1500 employees with regional offices spread throughout the world. Bitdefender Plus is the most primitive antivirus among all the iterations and is widely used for home purposes.

The advantages of Bitdefender antiviruses are as follows: password manager, recurring updates, information privacy, and ransomware detection. The disadvantage of Bitdefender antivirus is VPN unavailability in unsubscribed mode.

2) Best Performing Antivirus for Windows Operating System: Norton 360 With LifeLock: The antivirus holds a massive reputation in the information security industry and has continued to impress over the years because of its continuous upgrades to the already splendid system-caring capabilities.

The advantages of Norton antivirus are-firewall, backup, malware detection and removal, LifeLock identity theft protection, and password manager. The disadvantages of Norton antiviruses are also well-known to everyone, and they are listed below:

(1) Expensive

(2) Makes the computer slow during the instance of full system scan

(3) Ransomware detection needs an update.

3) Best Performing Antivirus for Mac Os: Webroot SecureAnywhere

The biggest shareholder of the company is OpenText. The benefits of using Webroot antivirus are listed below-

(1) Anti-Phishing Capabilities.

(2) Detects the presence of nefarious links during online research.

(3) Rapid virus detection.

(4) Heuristics

The demerits of using Webroot SecureAnywhere are Limited testing data and lack of parental controls.

4) Best Performing Antivirus for Office Use: McAfee Antivirus Plus

When we say Office use, then we are alluding to the fact that McAfee Antivirus Plus is an ideal fit for use in multiple devices. Its user-affordable cost enables an employer to employ it in almost every system in the office. The advantages of McAfee Antivirus Plus are Firewall, malware detection, mobile security, customized or full system scan. The disadvantages of McAfee Antivirus Plus are fewer number functions for Apple users and lack of parental controls.

5) Best Performing Free Antivirus: Kaspersky

The reason a lot of people opt to use Kaspersky is because of its protection capabilities that can even beat the most well-performing antivirus like Norton. In addition to that, it also offers a Security Cloud version of itself, which enables a user to avail himself of a lot of high-tech and efficient features.

6) Best Performing Premium Antivirus: Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security: It also has a reasonable price and has been considered by Investopedia as aggressive in its cybersecurity approach. The advantages of Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security are its user-affordable price, bonus features, easy-to-understand dashboard, identity theft protection, etc. The cons of Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security are listed as a follows-intensive resource, only operates on Windows operating system, outdated in network solutions, etc.

7) Best Performing Antivirus for Malware Scanning: Malwarebytes: If we just focus on the problem or malware reduction, then there is no match for Malwarebytes. This antivirus tool removes any kind of malware presence on demand. The three advantages of Malwarebytes are listed below:

1) instant malware detection.

2) works at an optimum level with other antiviruses.

3) Real-time response.

The disadvantage of Malwarebytes is the fact that its free version is not worth using.


You might wonder that why do you need an antivirus when an AV-version like Windows Defender solves all of your problems. Well, all the free versions and low-cost antivirus will just offer standard protection, and if you are looking for something more such as dark-web monitoring, you must go for specialized antivirus like Norton.


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